Ludovico Orombelli, (b. 1996, Como, Italy) lives and works in Milan, Italy. Orombelli’s works originate from personal and cultural memories, realised through manipulated materials and spaces. In this way, Orombelli has built a multidisciplinary body of work which highlights the relationship between everyday objects and pictorial images.

The final accomplishment of each project is a deliberative attempt to reveal the painting as a physical extension of the original reality, reconstructed through a process which involves its deconstruction and conservation.

Orombelli gained a BA (hons) in Fine Art at Arts University Bournemouth, while also exhibiting works at the Old Truman Brewery, London, UK, 2019. Recent residencies and exhibitions include IN PRATICA, The Blank Contemporary Art, Bergamo, and Via Industriae, Foligno, Italy, 2019; VIR Viafarini in residence, Milan, Italy, 2020; Atlas, mappe e visioni dal Mediteraneo, Going Pu-
blic, Milan, Italy, 2021; Entre-Acte, Renata Fabbri Contemporary Art, Milan, Italy, 2021;. Upcoming exhibitions are Group Show, Gallerie delle Prigioni, Treviso, Italy, 2021 and Group Show, Superstu-
diolo, Bergamo, Italy, 2021.