Ludovico Orombelli’s works originate from personal and cultural memories, realised through the use and manipulation of materials and spaces. In this way, Orombelli has built a multidisciplinary body of work, which highlights the three-dimensional forms as the elements that give rise to the paintings.


The final accomplishment of each project is a deliberative attempt to show the artist’s relationship with the memory inspiring the work, reconstructed through a process which involve its creation, deconstruction and conservation. Double portrait, for example, reveals the history of Orombelli's personal creation, displaying the information regarding mural painting as the combination of different meanings and disciplines.


However, the artist’s presence in the work does not exclude wider themes. Through the suggested temporal quality, the real nature of both places and past is investigated, and realised as a document of history. Questioning the consequences deriving from the separation and conservation of the work’s physical elements, the beholders encounter the life span and the identity of the artwork.  In fact, the migration of their components unavoidably holds the traces and roots of their existence, and the distance sharpens the relationship between the paintings and the places that defined them.


Ludovico Orombelli was born in Como (Italy) in 1996. He lives and works in Milan (Italy).