Forme indivisibili

The works Forme Indivisibili (2019), translated “indivisible forms”, are the final outcomes of the research on space and identity I carried out during my residency IN PRATICA, Viaindustriae, Foligno (IT) and The Blank Contemporary Art, Bergamo (IT). Pattina linen cloths hold the pictorial transfers of transitional balances. The existing physical tension between the objects and their holder can only reach a stability through the images on the canvas.

Forme indivisibili, 2019

Installation view

Forme indivisibili (ombrello e parete), 2019

Tempera on pattina linen cloth

115cm x 90cm

Forme indivisibili (ombrello e parete) (detail), 2019

Tempera on pattina linen cloth

Forme indivisibili (camicia e gruccia), 2019

Tempera on pattina linen cloth

100cm x 190cm

Forme indivisibili (camicia e gruccia) (detail), 2019

Tempera on pattina linen cloth